What Is the Conscience? How Does “Natural Law” Work to Inform Our Conscience?

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August 18, 2013

Before I start anything about how what is conscience and how natural law work to inform our conscience, I will first give a little emphasis on what conscience is. According to Mueller in Theological Foundation on p.222, define conscience as something that involves several aspects of human reaction. He further explains that Conscience is a huge part of the human character that makes him or her to know and do good. He also explained further that Conscience is also a way to for us human being to determine what is good and what is evil. The second Vatican Council explained that “Conscience is the voice of God written in our hearts”. In dictionary.com, Conscience is said to be the inner sense of what is right or wrong
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(St. Thomas Aquinas's notion of natural law by peter odianosen). When the reason of Natural law fails then you need a law, according to Plato. Since we all understand and know that Natural Law is the knowledge of know what is good and what is bad. Also being able to differentiate from good and evil leads to us exercising our Conscience because it is a way of showing how we feel in our heart about what we do either in action or in thought. We are knowledgeable of what we do, be it good or bad. Our Conscience is known when we feel what we just did, either good or bad. The feelings from our Conscience however, are powerful and, in many cases, monitor our behavior (Mueller p.224). Our conscience is that part of our mind that informs our expert estimate of our motives and behavior; it reflects the morals, beliefs and values we have learned and acquired knowledge through observation, personal experience, and our own choices. Although we may not sometimes always know of the ways it’s been done, our conscience judges us every time we make a decision, and we either pass or fail. Guilt is the anxiety we experience when our conscience tells us that our behavior or motives is not what we intend to do or fall short of our own expectations, others’ attainment, or an original moral standard. Guilt is very strong feelings that not everybody tends to feel the guilt of what they have

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