What Is The Complex Process Of The Human Body?

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The human body performs many complex processes on a daily basis it is a machine working overtime to make sure our bodies can function effortlessly and maintain homeostasis. Any disruption in the body and the body is ready to respond performing many complicated procedures to bring the human body back into balance. For example, if a person steps on a thumb tack many people would think that all that occurs is that the person feels pain and the individual jerks their leg in response due to that pain. Though this is true to some extent, the process from the thumb tack entering the foot and the person responding to that pain is much more complicated than that.
First, what happens is a stimulus occurs due to a change in your body 's environment which activates your sensory receptors in your peripheral systems such as your mechanoreceptors which respond to things such as pain and stretching; and your nociceptors which respond to pain. Once the
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Each neuron in the body has a negative, and positive side that is naturally attracted to each other but is separated by a plasma membrane (external boundary) until the energy created by the two is ready to be used. The plasma membrane has protein channels (gates) that allow the diffusion of ions. The three types of gates are leakage (passive) channels which are always open that allow k+ to leak out of the cell; chemical ligated gates which activate by the binding of chemical neurotransmitters and mechanical gates which enable in response to touch and pressure. When a neuron is at resting state (-70mv) the neuron is more negative on the inside of the cell compared to the extracellular space around it due to the passive

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