What Is The Big Five Personality Traits?

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When asking my interviewees what they liked most about their job, I found that the majority of them liked the people they work with or enjoyed dealing with their clients. I found that a lot of job satisfaction is brought to these people when they are able to help a customer or client fulfill their needs. My parents, along with my uncle can all agree that they find the most pleasure in successfully putting a deal in motion, or simply making life easier for their respective clients However, in Billy’s case he likes that he doesn’t have to work a nine to five job and can create his own hours because of his freelance job. Referring to the Big Five Personality Traits, I found that my interviewees were extroverts, meaning they are able to harness their comfort level with relationships and are therefore more sociable than introverts. As extroverts they have better interpersonal skills, greater social dominance, and are more emotionally expressive. This can be …show more content…
In most cases I found that the interviewees were satisfied with the level of their position at their company, however a few believed that they could be paid more for their work. They felt their titles and positions were accurate to their expertise; yet fell short of the pay for the actual work that was being done. I believe this can lead to a slight decrease in job satisfaction and their work ethic, if I didn’t previously state that they are emotionally stable. By being emotionally stable employees who are agreeable they are unlikely to bring it up to their bosses in fear that the organization’s behavior would be hindered if there wasn’t that cohesion between employees. It can be difficult for an employee to perform his tasks when he is feeling undervalued and can even lead to a low self-esteem, which can poorly reflect the organization’s citizenship behavior, and lead to more dissatisfied

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