What Is the Best Way to Educate Our Children Essay

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What Is The Best Way to Educate Our Children?

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Janie Davis

What Is The Best Way to Educate Our Children?

Education has been in a crisis for a long time in America, but few can agree on a solution to this open-ended problem which debated by both experts and lay persons. Federal and state policies need creation and enactment for targeted assistance to schools needing improvements, like low-income schools and public schools that are failing to meet the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) goals. Students deserve the best education possible, but there are many complicating factors. One factor is formulating challenging state academic content standards which
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Riley assumes education should synchronize with the future and that computerized education will help equalize opportunities—a powerfully persuasive argument. His statistics regarding the number of poor households and the projected expansion of the information highway effectively support his claim that computers can provide the means for helping children from the poorest environments receive a suitable education. But Riley forgets everyone must have basic information before trying to advance, and computer technology cannot guarantee this. He admits that while schools should firmly commit themselves to technology as the wave of the future, this is no easy task financially. Armstrong and Casement (2003) state, “The idea that computers in the classroom enhance learning is so widely accepted that few people have questioned it. In reality, there is little evidence to show that computer-assisted education improves students’ academic achievement.” Currently just three percent of the nation’s elementary, middle and high school classrooms have Internet connections, and only about 16 percent of teachers use the Internet or

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