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The Best for Students There are always some things that are controversial at schools for the students that attend. They all focus on what to do for students at public schools. People in society that are involved with the children’s education try to figure out ways that are best for them and the community overall. People wants their society to be upright and safe, so starting at school is a step towards it. They believe they have the responsibility of protecting the school’s order, getting support for kids in need of help, and many more things that are good for the kids. However, their involvement can leads to problems. It can possibly lead to students losing their rights at schools, failure to respond to students need, and much more. It can …show more content…
Schools do worry a lot about what students have with them because they fear bad influences and harms can be brought on to public grounds and affect everyone on it. School officials want to teach education in a safe and kind environment. They worry about students possessing weapons, drugs, and others that are considered bad to students and their education. One of the big concerns schools worry about is students possessing firearms. Seen as a very scary and devastating thing, schools try their best to make sure any violence does not happen on their ground. Thus, they would go to the point of invading students’ privacy. However, questions are raised whether it is right for the schools to do a search and seizure on students. Some would say it is right to do so while others say it is not. Students are not willing to allow school officials to search them because they say it is unjust to do so. The Fourth Amendment states that people are to be secure of their items from any unreasonable search, thus supporting that students are not to be checked for illegal possession. Students do have the liberty to refuse any search that they see as a violation to their privacy. However, since it is at a public learning environment, it is the school’s right to do so. The question that now comes to mind is when is it appropriate for the school to conduct a search and seizure on students and when does it violates the students’ Fourth Amendment. Based on an article, it argues that “authorities can search without a warrant provided the search is reasonable in inception and reasonable in scope”( School Violence and Weapons: Constitutional Rights of Students, 2016). This argues that schools do have the power to conduct a search as long as it has a good reason and stays within that reason only. Students are afraid of people looking into their privacy, but it is for the safety of

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