Essay about What Is The American Dream?

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What is the American dream? Some people would say that the American dream consist of our freedom of speech, liberty, capitalistic society, the ability to vote, and home of the land of the free. In fact, some people would credit the American dream to the ability to move in and out of social classes. Therefore the American society hypotheses that the way to a better life is through formal education and the school administration are rated on their ability to prepare their students for higher education, which will allow them to obtain a higher standard of living. Therefore, certain schools and school districts go to extreme lengths to keep out military Recruiters out. On the contrary, it is vital to allow military Recruiters into the High Schools in order to provide opportunities to qualified students in order to better themselves which ultimately makes the students more marketable in today’s extremely competitive job market. Prior to evaluating why it is vital for military Recruiters to be allowed in the schools it is important to evaluate both sides. High Schools and School districts are in the business of providing quality education to their students and guiding them along their journey to successfully completing High School. Ultimately, the schools and districts are ranked on the following factors: school performing better than statistically expected for students in state, “disadvantage students” students performing better than disadvantage students in state, schools meet…

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