What Is The American Dream? Essay

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What is the American Dream? As Weber explains it’s the “basic belief that hard work and ability will pay off with personal success” (Weber 146). The American Dream, however, doesn’t acknowledge the years of inequality in our society. It makes it acceptable that even in one of the world’s most industrialized nations, that children still die from malnutrition. Only in America, can you drive ten minutes from a wealthy neighborhood to a poor community. Only in America is it acceptable to help other countries children for starvation when their own are dying after a major disaster like Katrina. If the American Dream was true and worked like it describes, no one in America would be unemployed because of their race. No one would be unable to attend a school because of the threat of being lynched. The American Dream is synonymous with color blindness, it accepts that there are issues but ignores the historical, social, and institutional forms of oppression that contribute to the disparity among resources in America. However, in certain rare cases, the American Dream works and people are given opportunities out of poverty. But, in most cases these people will still face racial and class oppression going through the process of reaching the “American Dream.”
America totes the slogan of being a freedom land where everyone has an equal opportunity to be whoever or whatever they desire. The concept of the “American Dream” was invented by European-Americans who, through their oppression of…

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