What Is The Amazon Rainforest Essay

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Picture this, The Amazon Rainforest. Bright green leaves from trees, animal moving all around, and beautiful trees, flowers and plant. Amazing, right? Well now imagine all of that being cut down, even destroyed. Many companies are cutting down trees in the Amazon to make factories, roads, farms, and to plant trees. By doing this, plants and animals are getting killed, which is causing a chain reaction. The animal and plant population goes down, then there is less food to hunt, then people are suffering from hunger.
There are 40,000 different of species in the Amazon Rainforest. Imagine if some of those species went extinct. When companies come to build roads, they are cutting down plants and trees which are used as animal’s habitats. When
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That is the number of different Indigenous Amazonian Tribes in the rainforest. They are endangered too. The animals that die are their food source. When the animals that they eat die, they can’t hunt for that animal for food. When they can’t rely on those sources for food, they can suffer from hunger.
People say that the Amazon rainforest is the Earth’s lungs. That is mainly true. In the article “The Amazon Rainforest” by: ReadWorks, it states that “The Amazon region, which stretches across the countries of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana,. . . contains over half of the planet’s remaining rainforests.” If the rainforest gets cut down, then half of the remaining rainforests will be gone! That also includes plants. That means less oxygen for us to breath. The climate will also go up because the rainforest is what keeps the world cool. More carbon dioxide will be produced when the factories are built (ReadWorks). By cutting down the trees, there will be less space to store the carbon dioxide (ReadWorks).
In conclusion, we need to save the Amazon. We can’t have beautiful animals go extinct or go endangered. We can’t have people suffer from lack of food. We can’t have the Earth’s lungs die. But we can discover a way to save them and the

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