Thank You For Arguing: Aristotle, Lincoln, And Homer Simpson

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Thank You For Arguing this Analysis Essay
Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion is a book that should be read by all due to its benefits. It is an entertaining book while teaching us how to persuade someone easily to agree with you in an argument. The author, Jay Heinrichs, teaches us the basics on how to argue effectively, and that we can learn the art of persuasion from Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson. Thank You For Arguing is a very clever book that helps you learn how to use rhetoric properly for effective arguing, as shown in chapter twenty-seven, which is the reason why the book should be continued. In his book Thank You For Arguing, Jay Heinrichs teaches us the basics of arguing and how to use rhetorical techniques to persuade an audience or opponent to agree to our side. The author shows us how to win one’s opinion by triggering the audience’s emotions, altering
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Thank You For Arguing is a valuable book that should be continued due to the author’s intention for teaching rhetoric to help one argue effectively. The way the author wrote the style of the book allows us to interact with the text because of the situations presented. While reading this book, one can feel the passion the author has for the lost art of rhetoric and his intentions for bringing it back to the society based on its benefits. The book is very entertaining based on its humor while it is also very interesting through its cleverness. The author teaches that the proper use of words along with rhetorical strategies is really effective for when you really have to get your point across to an audience or opponent. Just think about it carefully. Why should we refute the value of this book, when it provides us with many benefits from just reading and taking some advice from it that would help us all at any situation in the

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