What Is Teaching As A Career?

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In the beginning, teaching was designed for women, it was one of the few careers they could have. Since the career was for women, teachers made less than most careers and wasn’t seen as very important. Still today, students don’t seem to value their education, acting out in class and towards teachers. Even some parents don’t value the education of their children, showing little to no support in school activities and not participating all together. Teaching is a well-known career. Although teaching is both a fulfilling and rewarding career, there are problems such as low wages, struggling with management of students, and the lack of support from both parents and school boards. Low wages can cause problems in both inside and outside of school. …show more content…
Bad behaviors from many students can become overwhelming, and hard to deal with if you’re not used to it or not prepared in general. Bad behaviors could present problems in wanting to do things with the class, making it both for teachers to do their jobs and for students to catch on to what’s being taught. Sometimes it become too stressful for young teachers, causing them to want to leave a job they like. It can cause major stress on teachers who don’t normally have to the constantly deal with disobedience. Sometimes it’s not the whole class, sometimes it’s just one student causing problems. One student acting out could cause distractions to other students want to act out as well. Distractions from bad students make it harder for students who want to pay attention, get what they need. If a teacher is constantly focused on one student in particular, it takes up both class time and the time needed for a teacher to get their required duties done. If students don’t get what they need in class, it looks bad on the …show more content…
When parents aren’t interested in how their child is doing in school, it could make them feel very unmotivated to care about their own progress. Praise is something that helps boost most people, and lack of that at home can leave it all on the teacher to care and praise them. As a teacher, it can be hard to motivate the parents to get involved in their child’s education. A parent teacher meeting won’t always help the situation. It’s hard to get unsupportive parents to care about education for their child. School boards sometimes also show a lack of interest in opinions of teachers. Putting a limit on education can make teachers feel restrained in their work. The restraints could lead to less creative projects for classes to do, or shortened versions of necessary information. Lack of creativity leads to less interest in the subject. When the teacher is uninterested, it shows in their

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