What Is Sustainable Horse Keeping? Essay

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What is Sustainable Horse Keeping?
Sustainable horse keeping refers to the development of amenities which consider the environmental impact of managing an equestrian facility (Shere 2012; ISC-Audubon 2013). This includes reducing the usage of resources that are non-renewable, minimizing waste, ensuring waste is disposed of properly, and the development of an environment which is healthy and productive (ISC-Audubon 2013). Creation of a facility which meets these requirements ensures that the people and animals which utilize the amenities are kept happy and healthy.
A sustainable stable will lessen the potential negative environmental effects of horse keeping (Shere 2012). These adverse conditions can affect many variables of both the surrounding and global ecosystems (Shere 2012). Pollution from manure because of nitrogen excretion, degradation of pasture land due to grazing, transportation and manufacturing of feed through consumption of fossil fuels as well as other energy forms, and the utilization of water and energy for daily facility activities, are just a few examples of how stables can negatively affect the environment (Shere 2012). If manure is not contained properly, it may be able to leech into soil and water, reducing the quality of the land (Shere 2012; Equine Guelph 2016). Utilization of fossil fuels, as well as other energy sources, is well known to reduce the quality of the air, so excessive consumption of these resources can exacerbate climate degradation.

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