¿What Is Stress and Why Is It Important in the Society, Economy and Health of the Xxi Century?

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Stress is defined as a state of physical and psychological fatigue of the individual, caused by an excess of work, emotional disorders or anxiety. Even though in some occasions, stress could be considered as the motor in people’s lives, it is, before anything else, one of the human being’s fiercest enemies. In the face of stress, the human organism reacts in the biological aspect as well as in the psychological aspect. This disorder is better known nowadays as the “Sickness of the twenty-first century” given that it seems to be the price to pay tin order to achieve goals these days. Stress is most common in students and workers nowadays, which is why the following essay will expose some of the consequences of underestimating the …show more content…
(Which could then lead to suicide).

The now a days technological society, excessively mechanized, has created a paradox: the same technologic tools which purpose is to facilitate people’s lives, to save time and to keep everyone in touch is the one who is also stealing away the peace and free time that people used to have. For example, before Internet and technology, teachers programmed an assignment from Friday to Monday (the next they see each other), nowadays; teachers are in liberty to programs and assignment on Friday which is due on Saturday and its sent to the teacher via email. Students used to think off weekends as their free time, if they had homework they could arrange their activities so they still have time to do the assignment due on Monday. Nowadays it’s complicated for students to be the masters of their own time. If there was a birthday party on Sunday and your teacher wants the assignment sent that same day, there’s no party.

When stress is referred to the economy, its save to say that collective as much as individual stress can cause notorious loss in huge enterprises due to defects in quality and quantity of the product and services. Stress can cause the number of absences to grow, can cause changes in some charges, accidents, early retirements and even deaths at work. Not to

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