What Is Strategy Essay

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What’s Strategy? Introduction The ability to sustain the business in the market is definitely a tough job. That explains why behind every company there is a strategist to come up with innovative ideas to achieve specific goals. The need for a structural organization to grow, a plan such as a unique strategy is needed. A strategy is a unique plan, a long term plan for a structural organization to achieve a targeted goal. It involves unique activities that enhance the organization to outshine from the competitors and still preserve it. There are different strategies to take into consideration but the definition of strategy that this essay will outline here focus on three questions below: 1. What forms of value do organization wants …show more content…
Being only a family-run winery, Casella Wine (Yellow Tail) who desires to have a breakthrough in the wine industry; Casella Wine (Yellow Tail) decided to focus on only two types of wine. In Blue Ocean, competition is irrelevant because the game rules are waiting to be set. Casella Wine (Yellow Tail) creating the new market space, untainted by competitors, therefore demand is created too. There is ample opportunity for growth and profit. Hence Casella Wine (Yellow Tail) being the first to enter the new market space, creates the popular white wine, Chardonnay and a red, Shiraz. It also eases the issue of too many choices, this way it benefits the consumers. Creating two popular wines that are easy and fun to drink also benefit the consumers too. Casella Wine creates an outstanding appearance of a bright yellow labels and a big yellow kangaroo to replace the usual technical jargons about varietals to catch the consumers’ interests. Using the blue ocean strategy, Casella Wine (Yellow Tail) goes into the unchallenged market, with an affordable and easy to drink wine definitely becomes the object of notice. This is definitely the kind of value the organization wants to create!

How to manage that value?
Yellow Tail, a distinctive name and catchy label, to reasonably priced, the message is constantly delivered at every contact point with the consumers. To build a long lasting brand, it remains for

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