Essay on What Is Status Generalizations ( Describe It )

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what is status generalizations (describe it) - Status generalization is a social process that occurs when an unrelated status characteristics become salient and have an effect on a social situation. During status generalization, society’s values affect how people interact with one another. Within social interactions, people compare their own personal characteristics to others and rank them according to societal standards. How people are treated in these social conditions are based on societal inequalities. White males are perceived as being the most affluent individuals in our society, therefore being a male and being white will award you more prestige, respect, rewards and influence than a combination of other characteristics, like being a black woman. All interactions one will have with an individual are based on these general assumptions of status. Status generalization theory is a process that occurs on a very low level of consciousness and offers insight on how social inequality is produced and sustained. Status is an individual 's social worth, however, in our society gender, race, age, and occupation can allow or deny worth. Male, white, middle-aged, and prestigious occupations (ones that acquire higher levels of education) will be the most beneficial, and most common characteristics to receive positive interactions based on that specific or diffused status. A specific status characteristic is based on ability and task capability, for example, the ability…

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