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Life Coaching
Spiritual Formation: What Does It Mean?

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This research paper will give a brief examination of the history and development of life coaching in general, and then it will look towards the niche coaching specialty of spiritual formation. This writer will endeavor to answer the question, “Spiritual formation: what does it mean?” There will be discussion around this topic as it is examined from several perspectives and worldviews. It will include an brief overview of secular, non-religious, and non-Christian religious worldviews. Judeo-Christian worldviews will be discussed highlighting biblical aspects with regard to spiritual formation and how it may fit with a life coach who is familiar
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Even secular or non-religious persons have coined the phrase “spiritual formation” or words akin, in an effort to describe their inner selves, thereby giving credence to certain types of “spiritual” experiences and centering. The list of participants is broad and covers New Age or Eastern Mysticism, Contemplations as a specific practice and any activity that draws ones focused attention away from Christ and the cross, along with a plethora of other groups with specific mindsets, which includes cults and covens. (http://soulformation.wordpress.com/what-is-spiritual-formation/) Judeo-Christian Worldview There are several definitions of spiritual formation drawn from the Word of God. However, they all lead to the same basic truths. A modern paraphrase could look like this: spiritual formation is comprised of a lifelong promise of a mutually satisfying one on one relationship between God and man. It is the process of received intentionality whose sole purpose is to keep one's life open to God. When one knows that God desires a relationship with them, the essence of spiritual formation strengthens them to respond in accordance with God’s desire. It is God who fills every need and longing within His children, spiritual formation in truth creates a hunger and thirst for righteousness which allows for an increase in one’s capacity to love, to see and do as He does. Spiritual formation draws us into the body of Christ, to serve and to fellowship that we may abound in

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