What Is Smartphone Addiction? Why Are Teenagers Obtaining The Addiction From Smartphones?

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What is smartphone addiction? Why are teenagers obtaining the addiction from smartphones? Smartphone addiction is a syndrome of being on your mobile device for long periods of time. It triggers your brain to crave for the use of a cell phone. Teenagers are addicted to their phones by the social media that surrounds the internet. Addiction can start by anything that develops your mood. In The truth about smartphone addiction, students at a public university in the southeast completed a 19-question survey of 2014. 67% of the majority, students said they need their phones at all times. Adolescents are on their devices every day because of the amount of social media that is located all around the internet. In the article Teens, Social Media & Technology by Amanda Lenhart stated that 24% of teenagers search the web on their mobile phones. It seems difficult to control themselves from a number of hours they spend, mostly on social media, playing games, or streaming videos.
In The Truth about Smartphone Addiction, it mentions that females tend to feel more secure with their smartphones than boys. As we usually take our mobile devices wherever we go, they contribute to our own weakness by having the vast world of technology and information at our fingertips. They say cell phones can cause cancer or other health issues from the radio waves and yet some teenagers charge their phones by their bedside which may be more detrimental to their health. And with all sound and vibration…

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