Essay about What Is Self Serving Bias?

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What is self-serving bias? Self-serve bias is when one always assumes the best of him/herself. Ex: if an individual’s group won an award, he/she will take pride in what the group did, and claim they won the award because of him/her. Ex: if an individual’s group lost an award, he/she will point fingers and blame other members of the group, to avoid feeling guilty/dumb.
What is fundamental attribution? Fundamental attribution is seeing an individual do something ONCE and assume that is something the individual does often. Ex: “If I’m late, it’s because I missed the bus, but if other students are late it’s simply because they are tardy students.”
What is availability bias? Availability bias is seeing an event so often that you start to believe it is going to happen to you. Ex: someone wins the lottery and you begin to believe that you can possibly win it, too, so you go out and buy a numerous amount of tickets.
What is functional fixedness? Functional fixedness is a bias that limits a person into only using an object for the way it is traditionally used. Ex: the candle with the box and the tack. One might think that lighting the candle can release wax, allowing the candle to stick to the wall, forgetting that they have a box and a tack to work with.
What is framing? Framing is a bias that shows how people react differently to a particular choice depending on the way it is presented. Ex: “Want to go on a date?” sounds so much better than, “Wanna hook up?”
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