Personal Narrative: Improving Group Work Skills And Critical Thinking Skills

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During the last couple of months, I have extensively strengthened my group working skill and critical thinking skills by learning to be patient, accepting of diversity, and open-minded towards different lifestyles. What helped me become a better learner and person was understanding and accepting that the people that I was going to interact had different views of the world around them; that I needed to discover who I was and reevaluate my fixed mindset; and that working with other people was only going to benefit me.
Throughout my first semester as a college student, I made a list of things that I would like to achieve before the year ended. One of my main goals was to become a patient and accepting team member in any group that my professors
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For example, I like conversating about the possibilities of having a zombie apocalypse and what we would do to save ourselves, which is a huge topic that people enjoy talking about. Two of my team member watch the Walking Dead, so once we start debating about who is capable of surviving the event we all shift from working and being productive to laughing and showing survival plans. The next characteristics that I want to focus less my biggest special interest, Veganism. Veganism is what defines me, and naturally I speak a lot about this because I want others to go Vegan or Vegetarian, and unfortunately not a lot of people want to hear the truth, so it can offending to some. Despite my current nonfunctional behaviors, I am working hard on bettering …show more content…
My group is more close to each other, open minded towards peculiar interests and opinions, and accepting of working with people they do not know. I also learned that every team member contributes unique skills that reduces the workload and time that we would 've other hand wasted. I was initiating, informative, and opinionated throughout the project and social events, even though I never saw myself in such way. Not only is my team and I more willing to work with others and critically think before doing something, but we open to learning more about ourselves, which can be frightening when you believe you know everything about

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