What Is Self Actualization And The Factors That Support Its Development Of Human Potentials

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This article emphasizes the notions of the self and the factors that support its development of human potentials. In this article we learn about self-actualization. A self-actualizing individual is one that recognizes their human potential and seeks to become that. Self-actualization means that an individual has access to and is using all of their possible resources to their full capacity in order to grow. Individuals who have self actualization use these resources to connect and prosper into the best possible version of themselves. Maslow and Rogers believed that we as humans have a natural instinct toward growth and development and that if provided with the right environment and resources we can reach our full human potential. The idea of self-actualization that underlines the human potential, proposes that we are not born as blank slates that need to be conditioned or taught through experience and social interactions. Instead it is the idea called the organismic meta-theory that states that we are inherently born with natural abilities and instincts that will thrive if given the necessary resources and opportunities. This theory also proposes that we are inherently self-organizing.
The self-determination theory includes some of the ideas of the organismic meta-theory.
The self-determination theory describes three types of behaviors of he self and they are " (1) intrinsically motivated behaviors, which are engaged in out of interest and enjoyment; (2) extrinsically…

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