Essay about What Is Rurality and Urbanity?

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Module 4

What is Rurality and Urbanity?

Lutgarda L. Tolentino, PhD.

This paper attempts to differentiate rurality from urbanity. Rural-urban differences abound and can easily be demonstrated. These can be demonstrated occupationally, ecologically and socio-culturally. What to appears not to be easy is to explain these differences. While these differences used to be explained in terms of rural-urban dichotomy and continuum, this could not be used anymore as it is recognized today that dichotomies and continuity of rural and urban based on the three parameters mentioned above often times create more ambiguity that it has solved. While occupational differences can still be used as differentiating criteria of rurality and
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The cities does not possess unitary identity or homogeneous spaces, perhaps it never has. It is, for example, simultaneously Engel’s site of ‘barbarous indifference, hard egotism… and nameless misery’ and Lewis Mumford’s collection of primary groups and purposive associations’ fostering ‘personal reintegration through wider participation in a concrete and visible collective whole’. They are home to transients and semi-permanents, locals, immigrants and strangers, traditionalists and cosmopolitans, diverse social groups, ethnicities and lifestyle, rich and poor, formal and informal circuits of economic organization and exchange, and so on.

The city is like the world in the backyard but a jumbled up and splintered yard with the fence broken in a number of places. One of the features of splintering is the loss in the primacy of proximate links. There are clearly sites where urban propinquity does still matter as a unique asset among global flows and connections—the financial districts, the cultural zones, the industrial districts. But there are also many more zones where fragmentation between adjacent units is more the norm, as exchange and interchange become disembedded from immediate locale, through fast transport and advanced telecommunication systems. Areas exist where neighbors do not know each other and tend to relate through telematics and

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