What Is Rosa Lee Cunninge Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Her first arrest was in 1951, one year after the birth of her first son. In her lifetime, she has been incarcerated 12 times, serving a total of five years, receiving her first prison term in 1966 for theft. She began selling drugs and prostitution in the 1970’s. She has had numerous incarcerations for a variety of charges ranging from sale of drugs, possession of drugs, prostitution, shoplifting, theft, and others. She is currently involved in legal proceedings related to a theft charge as well as two of her children are also facing unrelated charges. As a result, her life has been a persistent labyrinth of poverty, drug abuse, hospitalizations, and periodic incarcerations that are the result of her criminal behavior, both petty and violent. Her family, with the exception of two of her sons, has also been multigenerationally involved in the penal system, not only her children but her grandchildren as well. Many of her children, and grandchildren, have learned their criminal behavior directly from Rosa Lee’s tutelage. Additionally, Rosa Lee has had a number of health issues ranging from simple to complex. She has issues related to liver disease associated from her many years of substance abuse as well as Hepatitis and HIV from her years as a prostitute and or her IV drug use. She is often hospitalized for short durations due to the complications of these illnesses, and the illness …show more content…
She is not only callous to the effects of these substances on her health, but also the legal and social ramifications of her substance abuse. While she prefers heroin, she is also prone to abusing other substances because of their expediency. Even though she is enrolled in a methadone treatment programs she states clearly it is not because she desires to abstain from drugs, but rather to help her manage the withdrawal symptoms until she can again afford to partake in active drug use.
Social Functioning of: Rosa Lee has no appreciable social contacts that do not include drug abuse or criminal activities. Her family members are often dependent on Rosa Lee’s enabling financially in their own substance abuse; to which Rosa Lee seems a willing participant. Many of her social connections are allowed into her circle of influence simply for the role they play in the perpetuation of her substance abuse and criminal
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Some of the governmental subsidies she receives were even obtained through less than transparent means. When her husband passed recently, she applied for social security benefits from his account, even though they have not been together for nearly 40 years. She admitted privately to the interviewer that the only reason they were not divorced was that when they had separated before they did not have the financial resources to complete the divorce. Yet, she maintains a sense of entitlement to the social security money skillfully maneuvering the tremendous bureaucracy intent on keeping her from the

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