Essay On Human Rights Reparation

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When the System Fails:
Reparations for Grievous Abuses of Human Rights

African Americans that are alive today and were alive when our government and our citizens were perpetrating human rights crimes against their race should be paid reparations; however, the African American ancestors of those brutalized and dehumanized within the institution of slavery should not be paid reparations. To be an African American witness to crimes against your race perpetrated with impunity by a system of government, or perpetrated by citizens that are then never prosecuted by the government, shows the African American race the reality of impunity and the face of American racism. The key to stopping racism and stopping the oppression of black Americans is education. Education is the antithesis of ignorance, and ignorance breeds racism, and when our children, and our citizens are educated in institutions that have proper funding, and good teachers, then the division between the races becomes smaller.
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It is too late for reparations to be called for slavery because reparations are designed to pay those that suffered, and the ancestors of slaves did not suffer under the institution of slavery; but it is not too late to call for reparations for the survivors of the racism that followed in the footsteps of slavery until the 1960s, with the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Our country is denying justice to the people who still remember the day they saw the police murder someone and get away with it; or saw a black person hanging from a tree for having been lynched by a white mob. Money does not erase memories that are burned in the minds of survivors of our countries treatment of blacks, but it does acknowledge that our country regrets the actions we committed and we need to pay for those

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