Do Companies Use Renewable Energy?

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Renewable Energy and You
Every time a light comes on in a house energy is being used. There many different ways to get this energy. Whether it’s from burning fossil fuels or using renewable resources. Most homes get the energy from factories or utility companies that generate it. Majority of these companies use fossil fuels to generate the energy that is then sent to people’s homes. The bad part about this is that harmful chemicals are produced during this process. A way to slow down the release of harsh chemicals is to use renewable resources. The three major resources that are used to generate the energy are things that we interact with every day wind, water, and the sun. The way these resources are used vary in many different ways and can fit any person’s life style or where they live. Renewable energy is the future and is a way to help build a better, cleaner tomorrow for generations to come.
Solar Panels
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The way that solar power is obtained is through the use of solar panels. These panels take in the energy from the sun and then take it to an inverter which then allows it to be used for home needs. These panels can put just about anywhere on the homes property. They can be placed in the yard or if there is not enough room there they can be placed on the roof. These panels are a technological marvel and are a great addition to a home. If the utility bill is ever too costly then these panels will allow for some “free” energy also. Another way that solar power can be collected is through the use of solar farms. Solar farms are usually many acres large and are normally in deserts. On solar farms many solar panels or solar mirrors are placed around, and facing, a center boiler pylon. The pylon acts as a steam engine would, but instead of burning fossil fuels to get the water boiling the solar panels or mirrors would heat up the water to a

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