Reflection On Style

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Style Analysis on You and Reflection on Text
Tracie Spurlock The book Styles at Work and Beyond by Robert Bolton and Dorothy Grover Bolton is intriguing from even the cover. Making bad relationships good and good relationships better is a challenge from the beginning to dig deep and not only read this book but to use what it must work in one’s life though all types of relationships. The book is even set up in a rather nice style. Nice breaks between points makes the book a much easier read. The author gets to the point explaining each point, maybe a few less examples but the point is made and understood. Though there are many models for self-evaluation, relationships and people evaluation; the people style model by Dr. David Merrill is
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In these settings we have all experienced conflict but what do we do with it? Do we evoid or like the text suggest, understand and confront it head on by changing perhaps how we react to each other. It can be the diffence in making a marriage work or making a job more fulfilling. The text goes into detail explaining the behavioral styles model, it is liken to another model called the DISC model. The text wants us to know that every individual has a place, no matter how different or unique. There’s no right or wrong, all are equal and we all fall into one of the four styles. If recognized and understood we can embrace our differences and have them work together towards a more complete and better goal. The four styles discussion in the text are; Analytical, Driver, Amiable, or Expressive. I work in an accounting office and as I was ready names came to mind of different coworker that would fit into each of these four stages. While analyzed each I realized what style fit each better. I want to understand them better so that I might be able to respond to each in the manor to which they will understand. It is suggested that you should take this into consideration when working with or speaking to your coworker, family member, friends, customers, suppliers, well the list goes …show more content…
They can go on and on about themselves or about a topic or even skip from topic to topic. My mother use to do this very thing, when I asked why she did this she said; “I was done with that subject so I moved on.”
The Expressive are easily distracted and tend to have a lot of projects half done. Time management is not their friend. These individuals help people and talk and visit, get to know you. This is probably why I have a problem relating with the Antiliteral coworker; there I go again giving part of my self-evaluation The Amiable Style are the steadfast, caring, supportive group. They want to hear your problems over theirs. Even though they may feel turmoil within, they may not show it on the exterior. They like low risk options, they like routine; not good with change. They like to be behind the seen and help out. They do not like conflict and will steer away from it. When asked to make a diisiccon it can be hard for them to say for fear they would heart someone elses

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