Reflection Paper: Racialized Class Differences

As the semester comes to an end and this being my first year at Fresno State I can say that I have truly enjoyed this class. I have learned so much and have gained so much in the past few months. It’s hard to pin point what topics interested me because I learned so much from every single one. These are all issues that we are still dealing with today and can relate to them as well. The three topics that I will be talking about are Racialized Class Differences in School, Gender Pay Gap, and Work and Family Conflict. These topics have shaped the way people think and what they should do. The first topic that I will talk about is on Racialized Class Difference in School. I can personally relate to this because I am a female and being told that …show more content…
This topic has also been a very sensitive issue that woman have been fighting for many years. The pay gap is defined as,” the difference in men’s and women’s median earnings, usu- ally reported as either the earnings ratio between men and women or as an actual pay gap, as defined below. The median value is the middle value, with equal numbers of full-time workers earning more and earning less.”(The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap). The gender wage gap is vey unfair and unequal to all woman. There are no real reasons why men are paid more. Of course, the excuse for paying them more is they are smarter or stronger so that is why they are paid more but what if both are doing the same job. This is why woman have worked so hard to prove men wrong. Another thing that can really affect the wage between both is the career choice. The careers that woman tend to follow are not jobs that pay that good but average. The careers that men choice pays so much more and this is where the career choice comes in. This topic is a waterfall of the first topic I talked about. If woman are taught that they are smart just like men then as they grow older and go to college they might go into the nontraditional careers. Since there is a gap I read on the article The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap, in 2014 “women working full time in the United States typically were paid just 79 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 21

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