Essay on What Is Professionalism Exactly?

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What is professionalism exactly? According to Understanding Health Insurance, they state that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines professionalism as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize a professional person. (Green & Rowell, 2013, p. 11) There are quite a few abilities that employees as well as employers need to practice and maintain professionalism in the workplace. To name a few a person would need are productivity, leadership, and a good strong sense of ethics. An employee with good ethics will go far in the workplace because they know the difference between right and wrong, and for this reason they’ll know the right decisions to make in order to further their career at their specific place of work. Productivity is important because an employer needs someone who completes their tasks in full and on time. Leadership is also important because the team needs a good leader to help motivate them to complete goals. To be a good leader you need to have the trust of your team, your other employees. To know that they are behind you, can make all the difference. Because obviously if your team doesn’t respect you, or care what you have to say, you’re not going to get very much done while trying to lead them. According to Value through Leadership, good leaders have excellent communication skills and they know what their business needs to be successful, and they clearly communicate that to the staff. (Millage, 2015) A leader is a great thing to have,…

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