What Is Processed Food? Essay

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What is Processed Food?
When you think of processed foods most people just think chips, pop, cookies etc. but it is any food that has been modified before we consume it. From foods that are fermented, frozen, heated to dried to foods. Some examples include:
• Fresh cut fruit/vegetables that have been packaged
• Canned foods
• Breakfast cereals, oatmeal’s, crackers
• Convenience foods such as microwaveable meals/ready meals

There are three main categories to be considered for processed food. Minimal processing which includes foods that are not significantly changed such as drying, pasteurizing and unsweetened fruits/nuts. The second one is Semi-processed, this includes foods that are extracted, have added enzymes. Along with refining the foods such as how we are able to turn rice into white rice. The last one is ultra processed foods, this includes not natural foods such as soft drinks, pastries, pizza and chips. These foods have no natural ingredients and have absolutely no health benefits to them.

Where did it begin?

In 1910-1980 there was a start to processed foods. It started small but the consumers soon began to realize how quick and easy it was to use packaged food instead of home cooking. The chart below demonstrates how over the years’ food has not only changed and been engineered but also a few key developments.

Processed Food
-Aunt Jemima syrup
-Hellmann’s mayonnaise
-Oreo cookies
-Hydrogenation of oils
-Higher extraction of…

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