What Is Privilege? A Special Right, Advantage, Or Immunity Granted?

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What is privilege? According to Oxford dictionary privilege is “A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group”. But when you add race into this mix this then becomes what we now know today as white privilege, “simply an interchangeable term for racial privileged and refers only to race, not to other privileges a person was born into” according to author Kristen Howerton.
All throughout history white privilege has taken place, for example take Christopher Columbus killing the Indians for their land. Now let 's fast forward into 2016 where white privilege is very much disguised in the shadows of the legal system. Take twenty year old Stanford swimmer Brock Turner for example, whose case got negative media headlines for all the wrong reasons, due to the leniency of the judge. According to Damon Young, “Brock was found on top of an unconscious woman outside a kapa alpha fraternity house”. He was later initially charged with rape and convicted of sexual assault but did not serve a day in prison. According to Judge persky, the judge that dealt with this case was quoted as saying, "prison could have a severe impact on Turner". Now let 's take another look at a similar situation but this time the skin color and outcome of the case is much different. Take upcoming football star Brian Banks, who was charged for a rape he did not commit. Banks was making out on his high school campus in Long Beach, Calif, with a 15-year old girl…

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