What Is Poverty Essay

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What is Poverty?
Poverty by definition is the general scarcity, dearth, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money, Most people would describe it as being broke or poor but it is much much deeper than any one definition. In the essay what is poverty I read just how damaging poverty can be , it create hopelessness and despair that seems nearly impossible to escape from. Poverty creates a detestable way of life for those who suffer from it , poverty affects one 's ability to properly clothe, educate, and medicate themselves and their children , poverty is everyone 's issue it is not just an issue for the impoverished it is an issue for every human being living in a country with social services.

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Poverty creates an ability to clothe, educated, or medicate, leaving someone debilitated and unable to escape their circumstances. In the essay the writer describes her inability to clothe herself and her children. Going as far as using the sheets on the mattress and newspaper for diapers . She herself does not own or wear proper underwear or clothes along with poor hygiene for her and her children create a social stigma that makes it hard to succeed anywhere. Clothing is not all that one most likely will be without because of poverty , a proper education is also something that one cannot get living in poverty. The writer in the essay withholds her children from school because she cannot live with sending them to school in the condition they are in . She herself had to drop out early on to help her impoverished mother who later abandons her and her children. That lack of a proper education has crippled her and is crippling her children as sees her children 's’ futures are dark and bleak as her current reality. Studies have shown that when a child is poor growing up literacy is greatly diminished, stifling bright opportunities for a more stable future. The writer says she sees her children going to jail , getting addicted to drugs, or living a life very similar to her own. Sadly all her concerns are viable but that is assuming the children can make it to adulthood. low family income has …show more content…
Although that is not the case with the essay is it is a problem and does not truly help anyone but in my readings, there were suggestions for alternative welfare like “ provision of more jobs, wage subsidies, and high-quality childcare.”( Ranjith, Sri, and Anil Rupasingha,7)The experience differs from nation to nation “Scandinavian countries, and some other developed countries have used unconditional family allowances as a mitigation measure to reduce child poverty . The international experience shows that there are different outcomes of welfare programs. The Australian experience shows that the effect of welfare programs to curb child poverty vary among different age categories of children and their educational levels. The experiences in the Caribbean, Latin America, South Africa, and the transition countries show that cash transfer programs targeting children in poor families have been successful and effective in reducing child poverty when conditional upon their schooling and the provision of other basic services.” (Ranjith, Sri, and Anil Rupasingha ,7) but the direct cash infusions does not seem to work in America and just adds to the burden felt by the country because of parasitic people. Many people have raised concerns about the futility of welfare but social changes like that

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