What Is Plato's Apology

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Plato’s Apology (Plato 1-22) is the account of a speech that Socrates makes at a trial in which he is charged with several different accounts against him. The Apology, summarizes the charges that were brought against Socrates and his response towards those accusations made mostly by Meletus. I believe that he made a decent argument.
The charges were: that he did not recognize the gods believed in by the state, introducing new deities or inventing them, and that he was corrupting the youth of Athens. He first addressed some old charges that he had not previously faced, because it was said that he may have fled Athens. He addresses them in a way that’s comfortable to him; since Socrates has never been in court he conducts himself the way he wants, since not being accustom to court and law (Plato 1). He
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Even though going in he knew, that he would most likely be executed. I believe he had his wits and attempted to make Meletus look like a fool, or at the very least embarrass him. The court asks Sacrotes what he thinks his punishment should be. He declines prison or exile, stating that he is old and that he would be driven out of every place never being settled (Plato 17-18). Sacrotes proposes a small fine in which he can pay, or an even larger fine that his friends could help him with, but those ideas were rejected (Plato 18-19). The court sentenced Sacrotes to death.
In seeing the charges that were brought against Socrates, and how he responded to the charges brought against in the Apology. He responded to the charges by mostly trying to embarrass his accuser Meletus. He tried to show the men of Athens how wrong these charges were; but he didn’t succeed based on the courts verdict. I believe his arguments were somewhat persuasive, but because he already perceived this outcome, he didn’t argue his points as well as he could have by taking it a bit more

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