Essay on What Is Plagiarism

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Kiley Bail
November 14, 2011
Professor Gallo
Personal Skills and Development

What is Plagiarism? We all grew up hearing it in our sleep, “Make sure you cite your sources!” seemed to be the slogan of every teacher we had. Throughout elementary and high school, teachers made it very clear to students that it was wrong to take credit for work that wasn’t theirs. But did students really understand what plagiarism is? Some examples of plagiarism include, but are not limited to, copying and pasting another author’s words, stating an unknown or controversial fact and not citing it, or simply taking another author’s work as your own. Plagiarism is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and
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(Office of Student Conduct). Academic Integrity is not something that Northeastern University takes lightly. If students violate any of these policies, they will face consequences. The first violation a student faces will result in deferred suspension, and the second violation will result in expulsion from the University. Also, students will face repercussions from their individual professor, in accordance to how Academic Integrity was referenced in the class syllabus. This could be anything from faing the assignment to failing the entire class (Office of Student Conduct). Because plagiarism is so easy to do, and is sometimes even done unintentionally, it is important for students to understand exactly what plagiarism is. Whether the student intentionally plagiarized or not, they will still face the repercussions set forth by OSCR, which is a serious matter concerning both their status at Northeastern as well as their future. Another reason plagiarism is so important to have knowledge about, is because with today’s technology, it is beyond easy for teachers to catch students plagiarizing. Blackboard’s “Turnitin” feature, which many teachers use for students to turn in their papers, will automatically check the web, as well as all other papers submitted using “Turnitin”, for similar sentences. If you have copied and pasted work from another author, whether it be student or professional, “Turnitin” will catch it and notify your teacher. Even if professors do

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