Photo Voice Assignment Analysis

The photo voice assignment provided an alternative way of self-expression on justice and injustice. Wag explains that photo voice is a process in which “people can identify, represent and enhance their community through a specific photographic technique.” (Wang, 1997). It allowed the class to share their views on what each person considers justice and injustice. In the process, the class found that many of the pictures taken, were of concern not only to one person but to the class as whole. Wang explains that the goal of a photo voice is to provide a source of data in images highlighting the community's strengths and therefore promote dialogue amongst policy makers (Wang, 1997). In this process, the class was able to create consensus on social justice issues …show more content…
Moreover, preschool programs are known to be instrumental to children in developing language skills prior to age three “such programs have been found to be particularly large benefits for children who are economically disadvantaged” (Nores & Barnett, 2016). According to Nores and Barnett, access to quality early education in the United States is highly unequal at the state and federal level regardless of public policy. This affects highly low-income and disadvantaged populations such as African American, Hispanics, and other non-English speaking children (Nores & Barnett, 2016). The main concern is the early education available to these populations is often of lesser quality than that offered to more affluent neighborhoods. The lack of quality based preschool programs is mostly noticed in readiness gaps that many children face when entering to 3rd grade which is the stage where children start to receive tests (Nores & Barnett,

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