Reflection On Personal Leading

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Personal leading is a process of learning that has no ending. It is not something that we will get instantly, but something that we will learn through experiences, education and skills. The book recommend to study other leaders and their life, watching a leader that we admire would lead us to learn new experiences. Most important dialogue with other helps the process of leading. Volunteer is very valuable in gaining experience to be a leader. People who like to serve are the people that would lead in the future. Volunteering is good sign of leadership. To practice with family and learn from them and their values would help to gain leadership skills. Also, to listen others, to share personal experiences, and to keep journals. Never be
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I like to challenge myself, but I am not going to lie. Sometimes I got scare to try new things, but I still try them. I am really busy person because I have two jobs, and I am full time student, but I still have time to volunteer. When I get the chance, I like to volunteer and help the community. Currently, I am the president of a student club in NAU-Yuma. The club is called “Bien Hecho” which means “Well done”. Bien Hecho is a student club that focuses on helping students achieve academic success and provide them with opportunities to get involved with volunteering in the community. We do a lot of volunteer activities, our next activity is the NAU-Yuma Highway Clean Up. In order for NAU-Yuma to keep the sign on the freeway, we have to clean it two times per year, and Bien Hecho adopted the project. Definitely, volunteering help to improve my leader skills. The student club has helped me to learn how to handle meetings and all the responsibility that I have to take by being the president.

Personal Growth

“Man is the maker of his own destiny in the sense that he has freedom of choice as the manner in which he chooses his freedom” – Gandhi This quote is very powerful, and it has a lot of meaning. Sometimes it is easy for people to criticize and blame others for their own problems. However, like the book said, we are the only ones that have the power to create a brilliant future or to fail in life. What I have to say is that I want to be my own leader, and I want to be successful in life. I already started working on my dreams, and I will never give up because an authentic leader never gives up. Motivation and believe in myself will help to continue to follow and achieve my

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