What Is Permaculture Principles When Designing The Pond Essay

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I used permaculture principles when designing the pond throughout the process, as I was trying to design a pond that was sustainable, and multi purposeful (beyond that of aesthetic value.) When deciding the placement of the pond, I took into account the surrounding environment to find an area where it would have the least amount of impact on the microclimates. This is a principle of permaculture as one’s design must cooperate with nature. By placing the pond in an area where the drainage dispenses water, we are using the resources that the environment already provides to fill the pond. (Another element of permaculture.) The permaculture zones helped me finalize the placement of the pond, as the pond would need to be placed in either zone 1 or 2 as it would need some-what frequent maintenance. Because it would need to be placed in either zone 1 or 2 this reaffirms my previous placement of the pond in the upper left quadrant of the site near the hoop house.

Part 6: Speculate on how your “element” will be used in the future, i.e., what it will yield (in terms of food, other resources, and enjoyment), what it will take to keep it going and maintained (be as specific as you can), and what future challenges and obstacles there might be (again, be as specific as you can).

I speculate that the pond will be used for educational, recreational, and cultivational purposes. Aesthetically the pond can be enjoyed by everyone, providing peace and tranquility to the environment by…

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