What Is Parental Involvement In Education

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Today in education research from El Nokali, Bachman, and Votruba-Drzalc (2010) shows there is a constant struggle in the classroom for parental involvement into a child 's educational experience. Many students may feel that their parents don 't care about their success or failures in the classroom, that their homework is a burden to their parents if they ask them for help, or they are just being completely shut out by their parents completely when it comes to their education. On the other hand, some students may have the feeling that their parents do care about their success or failures in the classroom, that their questions over homework are welcomed any time that they have them, and that they are instead prompted to talk about their experience in school and what they are learning. Whether it is good or bad research shows across the board that a student 's parents have an effect on their studies and how well they succeed later on in their educational journey and even what path they may choose to take later …show more content…
Parental involvement according to Patrikakou (2008) does not only have an effect on their child during the education years, but it can have an effect on them later on in their lives as well. Students who feel that they are important to their parents for them to be involved in their education seem from this research provided to take education more serious and want to learn as much as they can in order to advance, while students whose parents do not seem so interested in their education seem to be the ones falling down the ladder and not caring about their education later on and even most commonly dropping out. This research shows that no matter which direction you look from parental involvement is a key factor in a child 's educational development from an early age

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