What Is Organic Farming Essay

Introduction There is a handful of aspects that go along with healthy soil such as nutrients essential to plants, beneficial microorganisms, and organic additives important in organic farming systems because of the integration of biodiversity; allowing overall healthier lifestyles to all individuals willing to take initiative. The health of the soil is represented by the health and rigor of the plants growing within it. Organic farming is not only beneficial for the earth’s surface but it is also
Defining Soil
Soil is a complex medium so much more than just a pile of crushed up rock. It takes thousands of years to form and goes through many processes for the many layers to accumulate. The very first step of soil formation begins
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It’s an approach which utilizes natural cycles, organic supplements, and sustainable methods that reduce erosion. The goal of organic farming is to replace the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides with ecological management skills, and more natural ways of introducing nutrients to soil. Characteristics of organic farms include maintaining high levels of organic matter and biological activity, nutrients supplied through slowly available nutrients for microorganisms to utilize, the use of legumes to fix nitrogen, and controlling weeds, diseases, and pests through crop rotation, natural predators and biodiversity (Araujo & Melo, 2010, p. 2420). Several management skills are present in organic farming which reduce erosion such as contour farming, terracing, and shelter-belts; thus allowing crop production on areas such as hillsides, mountainous regions and windy planes. Other methods help soil fertility and crop protection such as crop rotation, intercropping or planting diverse plants together, and no-till farming (Withgott & Laposata, 2015, p. 143-144). A quote that strongly expresses nature and its diversity as the sustainer of plant-life instead of human practices is by Montgomery & Bikle, in The Hidden Half of Nature

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