What Is One Principle Foundation? Essay

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There is one principle foundation I try to follow in life: balancing things. One of the most challenging human characteristics for me is controlling my desires, which results in high expectations for things. When I want something to happen, but it ends up not occurring, I tend to stress out and have bad moods. To minimize future burdens, I consistently remind myself not to hold high hopes; however, that does not mean I cannot look forward to anything. It just means to moderately inhibit the desires to manage any risks of it affecting me negatively. Likewise, if there is an opportunity that could benefit me, I would be less likely to make hasty or careless decisions. This kind of principle came through when my current vehicle at the time had mechanical problems, and during my ordeal of finding a new vehicle.
Several months ago, my Mercury sedan had dense white smoke puffing out of its exhaust gasket while I was making errands around Stillwater. When I took it to Wal-Mart to have it checked, the varying concerned expressions on the employee’s faces made me aware that I should prepare for the worst. My suspicion was correct- my Sable may have a damaged head gasket, which could cost me thousands to repair if it were true. To minimize any further damages, I had the staff drain out the excess oil and then slowly drove it back home since it was nearby. After understanding that the smoke is a response to the engine burning oil, I thought maybe the scorching weather condition can…

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