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Driver Readiness Page 2 of 10 Physical Readiness When you drive, you get information from all of your senses. You see, hear, smell and feel the motion of the vehicle - all of this input helps you to be aware of your driving environment, to predict what might happen, and to assess how to react. This information is processed by your brain and keeps you aware of changing situations. Sensory input helps your brain understand and decide when to accelerate, steer or brake. You also need to be in general good health with no injuries or illness that might prevent you from operating your vehicle safely. Vision Vision is the primary sense used in driving. About 90% of the information required for safe driving relates to vision. Since 90%
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However, today more flexible positions are encouraged.

With the lower 8 and 4 o'clock hand position, you can smoothly turn the steering wheel nearly 160 degrees in either direction without crossing your arms. When you must turn the wheel more than 160 degrees, a preferred technique is called push/pull or push/pull/feed steering:
One hand pushes the steering wheel up in the direction you want to turn. Meanwhile, the other hand slides up toward 12 o'clock and then pulls down.
The hand you first used to push then slides down to make further adjustments as necessary.
To return to your original path, simply reverse the process or let the wheel slide through the fingers.
Push/pull steering from lower hand positions has at least five major advantages over past hand placement methods:
It is less fatiguing because it allows a more normal position for your arms.
The 8 and 4 o'clock hand position is a lower, more restful position. The driver's arms stay close to the body and allow the body to be in a more upright and stable position.
You are more likely to keep both hands on the steering wheel allowing the muscles of the chest, back and shoulders to do most of the work.
Push/pull steering eliminates hand over hand and crossing the arms while steering. The hand over hand steering is a much higher procedure and requires greater muscle strength.
Injuries to arms, hands, face and eyes can be reduced or

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