What Is Occurrence's Trauma In An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

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Ambrose Bierce had a abhorrent experience during the Civil War, also known as “The War between the States” (Civil War Facts). Ambrose Bierce was a soldier for the Union Army. Not only did Bierce witnessed one of the bloodiest wars in United States History, he suffered multiple losses. “One of his two sons seems to have been shot to death in 1889 in a brawl over a women. The other died from Alcoholism-related pneumonia in 1913” (398). In “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” Ambrose Bierce shows the reality and consequences of war for soldiers and civilians and their homes. The short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge demonstrates the reality of war, especially for both the Union and Confederate Soldiers. “From the battlefields to the home front, the cost of the war was steep...its lessons eternal” (Civil War). During the Civil War over seven hundred and fifty thousand lives were lost during this horrific war. This gargantuan amount of soldiers includes death by starvation, disease and combat. Brothers, fathers, and sons were fighting against each other (National Park Service). In “An Occurrence at …show more content…
Between 1861 and 1865, both the Union and the Confederates both sides uses cities as their military targets. The armies (Union and Confederates) destroyed factories, storage buildings and supply centers to eliminate the enemy's ability to take care of themselves during the war (Civil War). When Peyton Farquhar was tricked into sabotaging the Owl Creek Bridge, it represents all of the property that was damaged or destroyed during the Civil War.
Ambrose Bierce uses the short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” to demonstrate the consequences of war. In “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” Peyton was being killed (by a hanging) for trying to sabotage Owl Creek Bridge. The Civil War took almost one million lives, including innocent women and

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