What Is Nick Carraway In The Great Gatsby

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Nick Carraway narrates the Great Gatsby. The whole story is seen through his point of view even though the main conflict isn’t about him. The basic plot summed up is that Nick’s neighbor, Jay Gatsby, is in love with Daisy Buchanan who is married to Tom Buchanan. The thing is that Tom has a mistress in New York and Daisy also has feelings for Gatsby. While reading the novel it can be easy to forget that Nick exists even though he is the one narrating the novel. Nick is said to be an honest man “I am one of the few honest people I have ever known” (59). He is a single 29 year old man from Minnesota. He moved from boring Minnesota to New York to sell bonds. As one can probably tell Nick isn’t the most interesting guy. His only form of entertainment …show more content…
He’s like a wallflower in the sense that he is seen as someone that can be told any secret and will keep it. Those who believe that are not wrong; Tom even takes Nick to meet his mistress “I want you to meet my girl” after meeting Myrtle, Nick says nothing about her to Daisy nor does he tell Tom what he is doing is wrong (24). He’s often used as a buffer “Where are you going?” Gatsby asked he was too nervous to be let alone with Daisy (87). Nick knocked some sense into him “You’re acting like a little boy” this phrase made Gatsby realize how foolish he was acting and went back to Daisy. Nick is also the one who brings everything together; he connects the bridge between Daisy and Gatsby which brings in the whole main conflict of the novel. Without Nick who knows how long Gatsby would have waited to say a single word to Daisy. Nick is also often the third wheel around his friends, which can also contribute as to why he feels so lonely. Seeing his friends in love while he’s single and helping them get together can be harmful for him. Nick might even be trying more to keep Daisy’s and Gatsby’s relationship flowing instead of his own with Jordan. In Nick’s time marriage was a big and sacred act. How it was done and presented had a big representation of one and their spouse. Daisy asks Nick about a rumor of him being engaged but he clears it up saying that “It’s a libel. I’m too poor” during this time it was looked down …show more content…
Carraway is a man of few words. He is more likely to be observing than contributing to the conversation. When he does speak he tends to state the obvious “You’re a rotten driver” he says to Jordan as she gets particularly close to some workmen with her vehicle (58). Even though he doesn’t speak frequently Nick is a loyal friend quick to defend his own mates “Not Gatsby,” he affirmed Tom who was accusing Gatsby of being a bootlegger (107). Nick isn’t one to instigate a fight he would rather leave the situation “At this point Jordan and I tried to go” (130). From Nick’s actions and what he chooses to share out loud one can tell he’s reliable. Nick is someone who would be there for you unless it went against his own morals. Nick is a kind man who does his best to help when he can. The thing is when he does help he doesn’t think so much about himself and how he would end up. When Nick helps it’s a distraction for him in a way; he’s lonely and needs to busy himself as to not be let alone with

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