Essay What Is Netflix? S Technology Platform?

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5. Technology
Q. what is Netflix?s Technology Platform?
The Cloud platform by Netflix is embedded through administrations, structures and layers all is done on the basis of advancement with a special feature of ec2/AWS. It is done mainly to achieve the agile and productive goal. it is accessible in more than 190 nations and has more than 83 million supporters, who get around 10 billion hours of media substance from Netflix consistently.
Netflix platform is available on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and also iPod Touch. In addition, it is on Nintendo Wii, too. It introduces streaming, which allows its customers to be able to watch TV shows and movies on their personal smart devices. Netflix partners with consumer electronics companies to stream on PS3 and higher, Blu-ray disc players and TV set-top boxes, Xbox 360, Internet connected TVs, and other Internet connected devices.
Netflix is strived in all the business sectors with the set goals and outstanding performance. TV streaming and movies for the remote nations also brings in the radical arrangements of updated contents.
Online connection of Netflix is depicted by the following chart.
Worldwide web (www) is based on the different components like network connectivity, user?s empowerment, sharing knowledge and enabling partners to do more work with the efficiency.

Figure 1 Netflix Spread

Q. Is Netflix technology Savvy? With the expansion of Netflix, a competition started over the internet suppliers on the…

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