What Is My Goal, Purpose, Or Vision As An Educator? Essay

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What is my goal, purpose, or vision as an educator? My main purpose for teaching is to prepare students with the knowledge and values, so that they can be used by God in great and mighty ways to bring glory to Himself and save souls. Someone once told me that everything we learn in life helps prepare and train us for God’s ultimate plan in our lives. This is certainly true in the lives of Bible “greats” like Joseph and Moses. Again, God can only use a person who is sold out and walking with Christ. So, pointing students to Christ is also at the heart of my goal.
What is my view of students? From what I have gleaned while around my eleven year old sister, working with children at a daycare, and observing in public schools, I believe students in my chosen grade range (4-8) are enormously talented, but are also facing the most confusing and critical point in their lives. These students need good role models, positive guidance, and someone who will encourage their creativity. They have unlimited potential if someone will teach them how to tap into that potential. While I was observing, one of the teacher’s pulled me aside to show me one of her student’s binders. Inside, the young man had drawn the most elaborate, detailed, stunning pictures of all kinds of creatures. In my opinion, most adults do not draw as well as that young man did. Teachers should nurture that kind of creativity in students. Another girl I met while observing, said she loved history despite the fact that…

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