What Is My First Day Of College Essay

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It was my first day of college, i was very nervous transferring all the way from the United states to Morocco. I always wanted to go to morocco google pictures look absolutely amazing, Culture is also a big thing i would love to see i 'm tired of seeing boring america i wanna see a person devoted to what they believe in and i wanna someone love who they are who everyone is and specially their god, Allah. I was starting college at Mohammed V University of Agdal for english. Walking around the college is the scariest part i barely understand half of the things that they are saying. Yes, i know i sound so dumb traveling to morocco without knowing fluent language. Learning a different language is so difficult you forget easily you have to go over it in your head more than …show more content…
“ i make no promises, hey im gonna mke us some hot coco its getting cold in here.” “yes okay the pans are under the counter.” i say as im chaging into a grey ooded sweater.

i walk out of my bedroom while shutting my door behind me i ask him why he cameover so early and why he isnt at school today. He continue telling me about how we usally do nothing on the firstg week just let the teacher know more about you and the other way around. As i sat down on my couch i ask him if he liked soccer “ Do you like soccer and of you do which team.” he looks up at me in excitement “ oh biy do i…… i love soccer so much.” i twll him to come in here i have a soccer match on. My drapes against the windows are so thick that they can block sunlight so since it was a day where i didnt want to go outside i got up and put the drapes down blocking the bright sunlight from coming inside of thr living room. Running back to the couch making sure the team i chose is not losing while he sits there kaughing at me “ ohhh shut up what are you laughing at.” As our elbows touch each other “ im laughing at

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