How To Write A Narrative Essay About School Life

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School is both stressful and fun. Almost everyone in this world has been or will go to school at one point in their lives. Even though school was never my favorite thing to do in this life of mine I have always learned to make the most of the experience whether that comes from learning the material or just meeting new friends in my classes. My experiences have differed from grade to grade but I could clump the majority of experiences by the educational stages that include Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

I went to Bryant Ranch Elementary school from Kindergarten to the sixth grade. My favorite teacher in Elementary would have to be Mrs. Smith. She was my favorite teacher because she taught me a lot of things that I eventually had to use in Middle School and High School. Which included how to write a paper
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I just moved to a new area so I had to start a new High School with a new group of people where I knew no one. Everyone that I have met from K-8th grade where now all going to different school than me so you could only imagine how tough that was one me. Luckily, I soon learned that excellent teachers do not only exist at my other schools. A great example of this would have to be my Math teacher Mrs. Miller. Since moving to this new area really demoralized me I didn’t want to do anything in class but put my hood up and sleep. She inspired me and taught me that I could overcome my social obstacles that would also help me with my academics. Another teacher that really inspired me was my drafting class teacher Mr. Morales. At first I didn’t even know why I was in that class I never liked drafting and I just needed the credits. At first I would just skip all my classes and only show up to class about 2 days a week if that. Luckily for me he recognized that I needed some help so he got one of the students in the classroom to help me out with all my questions in library during our lunch

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