Personal Essay On Becoming A Student Leader

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“If you don’t challenge yourself you will never see what you can become”
Challenges are the greatest blessings in disguise and I have always loved a good challenge. I could say I would be where I am today without my family, but that would be a lie. Being a first-generation college student getting into college was a challenging experience I was forced to navigate on my own. It is not to say my parents were not willing to assist, they were just not sure how. I am in a large part grateful my parents were not sure how to help because it made getting into college a much more meaningful experience. College was a whole new world; it was something I had worked so hard to achieve and I was finally there. Once I got to Western Carolina University in August of 2013 I knew I had the world at my feet. I could join any organization, I could join any club, I could be who I wanted to be, I
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It gave me constant opportunities and challenges as well as the confidence and the support system I needed to become to student leader I am today. In my first semester as an RA, I became a leadership minor because I wanted to grow myself as a student leader. Through this I have worked with many organizations. I worked closely with the Alzheimer’s Association in Fall of 2015 to coordinate and execute a walk on Western Carolinas Campus. I have worked closely with Circles of Hope, who cater to the homeless population in Jackson County, North Carolina. I am an active member of Western Carolina’s Chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and currently working as an intern in the Registrar’s office. I list all this experience to show how I have challenged myself within the many departments of Higher Education and how they have challenged me in return. It would have been easier to continue throughout my education not being involved, but I would have never had the experiences to grow

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