My Writing Style Essay

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Just like anything or anyone in this world we go through experiences. Some being lousy while other experiences are a part of who you are and made you better in some way. As a writer we go through experiences too,Some of them may be lousy while others teach you about yourself and how good of a writer you are.Through writing you also figure out what type of writing is more convenient for you and what style you prefer to write in. While you also may discover that a certain topic or writing style is not in your strong suit and is definitely not something you like to part take in your free time. As a writer myself I 've learned a lot about myself through my experience as a writer. One of my greatest strengths as a writer is that the amount of writing I can produce. You can give me any topic that i find interesting …show more content…
The teachers i usually work best with are the ones who give me space regarding writing. They give a time that we can write about whatever we have on our mind or whatever we like in general. They help me better my writing but don 't completely change it to sound like someone i am not. They challenge my writing in order to make it better. They give good feedback and are available to help me when i need assistance. In the past i have encountered teachers who always tell me what to do and how to do it and make me insecure that my writing isn 't good enough because they compare it to others.They also aren 't available often to answer questions and to give feedback. Writing is different for everyone,some love it while others don 't enjoy it. I love writing and the way it makes me feel. For me it is a way to escape myself from the world and being able to just be me. I write when i’m having a bad day and my day becomes better. I also write when i feel good. It also works as a way to clear my thoughts and document moments that i never want to

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