What Is My College Experience Essay

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Deciding to come here was a big decision for my family and myself. I also knew that it I would limit my college experience by living at home. I also felt that this semester was a test to see if I can make it. I did have my doubts but I knew that studying and concentration would help me and that’s what I did this semester. The first week of college was probably the nicest time of the week. I got to meet a lot of new people and made friends as well. Back in high school I grew up with everyone since grade school so starting off new was going to be hard for me. After the first two weeks of class, it finally hit me that I was a college student, and this is totally different from what I did back in high school. On the other hand, it was so much better from high school because I only had three classes every three days and two every two days. I always dreaded going to school at 8:30 am and leaving at 3:30 pm and after that I would go to football, basketball, and golf practice. At the end of the day I was tired and exhausted. Now I have time to study and do homework, which makes my life easier in a big way. The campus activities here are not that bad, but living in a small town like Joplin you really cant do that much. The hypnotist Chris Jones was amazing event I went to this year, it had …show more content…
Since I leave in Joplin, Mo, my routine of getting up and getting ready was already the same as high school and yet, I still felt different to me. Coming here really brought more diversity to me then anything else, like going to a school of hundred people to 5,000 people. Back in high school I knew everyone, here I only know maybe ten people. It’s really a huge leap if you think about it because some professors hardly know any of their students, as for me, I’m the one who sits in the front of class so I actually know my professor and wont be distracted in the back of the

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