What Is My Ambition In Life Essay

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My life is brimming with goals, hopes, and aspirations. I seek to fulfill my purpose, and I envision my life as one that will someday, through diligent efforts, embody both success and enjoyment. However, I am thoroughly aware that I’m unable to reach these two elements without a vast amount of hard work, fueled by ambition. Moreover, I’ve learned, early on, the true importance of setting high expectations for one’s self, in every single aspect of life. Thus, when it comes to academics, athletics, or even relationships, I strive to be the best individual I can possibly be. However, academically I have a very specific set of goals I strive to accomplish; On a daily basis, I push myself to not only achieve, but to excel academically, for I refuse to settle for mediocrity. Furthermore, I visualize myself as a pacesetter and a leader who not only focuses on personal achievements, but one who also spends a vast amount time focusing on group success. This gives me a sense of leadership, and puts me one step closer to my goal to serve …show more content…
I want it to be obvious that I embody someone who has his priorities in check, and someone whose mind is set on moving forward. Moreover, what fuels my goals and efforts are my dreams to one day become more than just another engineering student/engineer. In fact, I desire to take the exceptional education I receive and then apply it to become an innovative force in my field. Even though I’m aware that my career will most likely begin as one with non-innovative tasks, I want to drift from just becoming a number among employees, and truly take my craft one step forward. Furthermore, I truly find it necessary to aim as high as possible in life, for we only have one opportunity to live it through and make a difference; We truly can’t afford to waste a second. As consequence of my academic ambition, I have even bigger intentions

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