What Is Multidimensional Approach

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5. Discussion and policy contributions
To overcome multidimensional approach limitations related to the use of classical linear combination-based tools, we proposed the application of an alternative methodological process to model ODW complexity mapping simultaneously all the possible nonlinear dependence relations among determinants conditionally controlled by all other determinants information. The ODW model consisted of a directed network arrayed on two levels of variables nested in determinants subnetworks. Model analysis displayed a heterogeneous connectivity pattern revealing the ODW differential roles. The relevance analysis results pointed that individuals’ culture and economic role of household were the major determinants. Provided
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In this way, the model was able to provide new insights concerning single objective determinants of well-being to focus selective welfare interventions, but also was able to offer the big picture, fundamental to think about the general welfare models.
Further work includes the model process continued refinement and extension for results generalization (sampling inference) and track well-being dynamics using ACS datasets for other years. Comparisons with future ACS versions and including information about welfare interventions can contribute to policy follow-up and

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