Psychology Personal Statement Examples

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My background as an immigrant at an early age has provided me ample opportunities of experiencing and overcoming adversities as well as developing compassion for those who face similar challenges. I learned to delicately navigate the intersections of two cultures which I grew up in and have always believed that my multiculturalism gives me a unique worldview. I became deeply interested in not only how these differences affected my life personally, but also how different people came to develop their own unique perspectives. Entering university, I chose Psychology to be my major focus because I have been keenly interested in how culture and society influence the development and functionality of individuals. My personal interest in these topics …show more content…
I had taken a short course on Global Perspectives abroad in London, and I had instantly fallen in love with the city. I was most captivated by its rich history, the bustling business industry, and most importantly, the incredible level of progressiveness in social concerns compared to various cities, states, and countries that I had lived in. It is important to me that social progressiveness, especially in the field of psychology, is integrated into my education. I hoped to find a program that reflected a well-rounded education, focusing on the individual perspective and the influences of society that shape the outcome of psychological progression, but also offered emphasis on the effects of psychopathology. Upon researching into specific courses offered by various universities, I was particularly attracted to the unique focus on mental illness in the workplace that Kings College London offers, which I found lacking in many other programmes. Having seen first-hand the effects of mental disorders in the business setting, it is important to me that the program not only show awareness of mental illnesses in the workplace, but that the awareness is integrated into their training curriculum. Upon researching the program of Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology at Kings College London, I became drawn to the opportunity to study the most recent research developed on the frontline of organisational psychology, the unique approach of studying both the effects of mental illnesses in regards to organisational psychology, and the integration of broader theories in psychology, psychiatry, and organisation. It was clear that the programme of Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology at Kings College London has all the resources for me to undertake a research project addressing the issues of

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